MESSAGE OF THE DAY OR WHENEVER: finally a real homepage... i guess?

This entire site a W.I.P, so I'll just put a bunch of random stuff on the front page for now lol.

Welcome to dooty! Online.

Welcome to my website where I'll put whatever I want, no matter how dumb it really is. Check out my about page to "learn" about me (i gotta actually make a good one soon) and look at my other things I post on the web. Leave a holla there if you want to. Other than that, you can check out my blog which I'll just zhitpost mostly 'cause I can do whatever I want maaan. Then you have the funnies page, which for now is actually nothing. Legit. Just nothing. Probably should do something about that, but naaaah. I'm too lazy for that.

What I like to do. Hobbies N' Zhis

In my free time I tend to just doodle a lot, as you can tell by all the dootys on the homepage. Maybe I'll add an art page, I suppose. Although that's not really my main hobby, I like to make music as my passion. I might be an amatuer now, but hopefuly I can learn more in the future and now. So far I'm just a medicore AMAZING mashup artist, I can crank out a bunch of 'em but that's kinda boring and honestly not very fun in the long run.

Update Stuff

3/8/2020 - Finally got the homepage looking... decent, I guess.

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