bio of the man

Hi! I'm dootythefrooty, but you can call me dooty. I'm a Funny Man, many people do say.
At least I think they do, I don't exactly have a source for that...
Anyways I make funny stuff on the occasion and the other half I make pure unfiltered garbage.
I'm somewhat of a mixed bag, many people do say.
Again, I think they do but I may be wrong. Actually yeah I am wrong, I'm da best der iz babeee!!!! (pic of me being awesome to the right)

dooty why are you so awesome

I don't know, I just am! I'm just so freaking epic, amirite fellas and fellons?

omg how do i contacct u?? *hearts*

I'm glad u asked!!! here is sum links to my awesum ztuff!!!

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